Tough to hear about another Bismarck/Mandan business getting ready to close its doors for good

Pretty unsettling actually - there are so many reasons why a business that's been around a while decides to permanently, lately places have closed due to a lack of staff, and that is just plain sad. Owners still have the desire to take care of customers but are finding themselves sinking in quicksand when it comes to having enough employees to continue. Just last week in Fargo, an extremely popular restaurant - Johnny Carino's - almost 20 years of being open - announced they were shutting down for good: "Carino's Fargo will be closing permanently as of September 13th, 2022. We are sorry for any convenience this may cause" - That was what they posted on their Facebook page. Almost immediately people here in Bismarck and Mandan became concerned for our Carino's - over at 1601 W Century Ave.

When one closes down, does that mean that ours is next?

There was no word on why Carino's in Fargo chose to close their doors and being that this is a pretty popular chain around the country, several people on social media here in BisMan expressed their fears that this Italian food eatery would follow suit. "Oh no, PLEASE don't tell me that my favorite restaurant is shutting down as well?" -word started circulating yesterday that indeed Carino's had made a decision.

I made a phone call to Carino's this morning

An employee that answered the phone told me after hearing my question ( "Are you guys really closing for good?")  ".....our last day is on the 25th of this month" - I told her how sorry I was to hear that, and she replied with a polite "Thank you" and wished me a good day. So there you have it - the sadness continues.


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