Make sure you save the date of July 22nd! Mark that on your calendar and circle it 22 times! It is the "Back The Blue Bash" event taking place at the Sky Zone from 2 pm - 7 pm. This will be a terrific five-hour show of love for our heroes in blue! We can all thank Drazen Samardzic, the owner of Sky Zone Trampoline Park 5003 Ottawa Street for planning this - Drazen has a big-time superstar that will be there - his name is Tyler (Donut Boy) Carach, a 14-year-old from Florida, who has gained national attention by traveling with his mom Sheena on a personal campaign to thank Law Enforcement one city at a time! Tyler may be packed in a little man's body, but his heart stands tall.


All Law Enforcement personnel and their families will be there. The public is also invited to come and thank Law Enforcement for what they do. So many things are planned for this special day - you will have a chance to win gift baskets, eat (hotdogs, pizza, donuts, pop), jump, and have a great time. The bottom line besides all the fun is to just be there, all of us as one, to show our appreciation for what OUR (Bismarck/Mandan) Law Enforcement means to us.  - Tyler has a simple goal and he gained national attention and STILL is well known for traveling all around the country delivering treats and a simple "Thank You" which means so much to the men and women who put their lives on the line every day for us. Make sure you plan on being there on July 22nd, we'll be there!

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