For those of you that are older, do you remember your very first job? I don't mean like mowing your next-door neighbor's lawn for 5 bucks, I mean your first official place of employment. Where you had a boss and you had to wear a uniform etc. It's been so long for me to remember the jitters and fears that I went through while sitting down for an interview. Most young adults around the country look to embark on the work environment when they are still in high school. Here in Bismarck, some fifth-graders from Solheim elementary school are getting a HUGE lesson in learning every step it takes to land a job, BUT not just any job. Twenty students are applying for eight positions at the North Pole. NO, not North Pole, North Dakota, but THE North Pole, where Santa Claus hangs out. Twenty prospects and only eight will get the mock jobs, and this is one of the lessons that will be unraveling right in front of them - to bounce back if you fail to land a job.

  KFYRTV reported that their teacher Vanessa Kemmer is guiding them through the process of submitting applications, cover letters, gathering letters of recommendation - “We are trying to find the best fit for that job. We can’t all be hired for one position. We are going to celebrate their success of going through the work and learning from it.”  One confident student Liam Chathams wants to be a candy chef. "I’ve had experience with baking and it’s fun to be creative,”  he said.

No word yet if any of Santa's Elves were looking for possible interns. The students wrapped up their interviews today and will find out who got the jobs tomorrow. For more on this story click here.


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