We sadly take for granted the awesome sight of one of Bismarck's precious landmarks

Yes, most of us drive to and fro almost every day, to work or where ever, and we tend to just be for the most part on "auto-pilot". Unless there is an accident of some sort, we take our short commute and not take a second or two to truly appreciate what we all could lose soon.

Upper Missouri River splendor

I personally could care less if people give me arguments on what may happen if we lose this beautiful piece of scenery, an art form that has been around 140 years. Doesn't that hold any merit at all? Forward progress some will point out, as the BNSF Railway looks to take a cheap wrecking ball to our railway bridge. There are those that will urge and hope for a new rail in its place. You can't just wipe out history, many people will agree with me on that, including the president of Friends of the Rail Bridge (FORB) Mark Zimmerman. According to kxnet.com "FORB has been working since 2017 to protect the rail bridge between Bismarck and Mandan. They’ve been working with the Coast Guard under the Historic Preservation Act to fight against BNSF Railway’s plan to demolish the bridge and build a new rail crossing in the same area"

Sadly only time will tell until we all find out the bridge's fate

Look, I fully understand my sappy feelings on this won't matter one bit, for the fact that progression in life does happen, and now we can only wait and see what the Coast Guard decides to do.


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