The complete absence of sports is still mind-boggling to me. Not long ago we were primed and ready for March Madness, Major League Baseball spring training was underway, high school sports in full swing, THEN coronavirus came in to play, like a thief in the night. What started out as a postponement here, and a rescheduling there, before we knew it there was NONE. Everything was canceled. Big time money-making events were toast. To fill a void, some sports networks are replaying back old games, which doesn't cut it.

We are now in May, and baby steps are starting to develop. Some businesses are re-opening, and are closely following the "Social Distance" codes. People are itching to get their lives back to semi-normal. MLB owners have put their heads together to try and repair the 2020 season. Many ideas are flying around, like maybe play only 82 games instead of the normal 162. There are also new reasons to worry about, like the player's safety during the pandemic. Now baseball has to worry about traveling, and how to figure out how to minimize that. Think about the Toronto Blue Jays - from Canada. There is a whole new case of worries there. The owners are aiming for early July to get baseball back up and running. The logistics seem overwhelming. They are obviously trying to figure out which teams can be moved to other divisions, playing each other within an easier transition of travel miles, and nothing has even been discussed whether teams would play in front of a smaller crowd, or for that matter, an empty stadium. Like so many other things lately, baseball may never be the same again. For more on this, head here.


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