You just have to love mornings like we had today

Unless you slept in this morning ( lucky ), you saw some spectacular weather in my opinion. It's obvious to say that I love the fog, I always have. In San Diego, we would get it all the time along the coast.

Today heading into Mandan it crept in

Perfect weather for Halloween, I'm starting to feel the spookiness of this time of year when ghosts and goblins are getting ready to show up at parties and such. The fog puts out an aura of mystery and adds to the fun.

Driving over the bridge into the clouds

How awesome was this? Heading over the crest on the Expressway bridge literally felt like I was driving into the clouds. I took a spin past the golf course on my right, turned left on South Washington Street, and headed towards the river. I knew the sun would chase away the fog soon, and I wanted to cruise down along the Missouri River.

The fog resembled an eerie fire along the banks of the water

Getting out of the truck and racing over to the edge, the fog kept skipping along, dancing with the water, at one point it resembled the look of smoke from a fire along the edge of the river.

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