It's -18 right now which is a perfect time for this event!

Hanson's bar, the oldest bar in North Dakota located in Robinson is having a very special annual event called the Annual Robinson Ice fishing derby!

The event happens on Lake Frettim which is just east of town but there are also some really cool raffles and events that happen at Hanson's right afterward.

If you never heard of Hanson's here's some background on the bar:

Hanson’s Bar, established in 1936, is North Dakota’s Oldest Bar(TM), and other than some poor siding and paneling decisions by the 2nd generation of Hanson’s, has remained in it’s original state for over 80 years. Also known as ‘The Last Bastion of Manhood’, ‘The National Bar of North Dakota’, and ‘The Official North Dakota Home of Dale Watson’s Chickensh#t Bingo’, Hanson’s Bar hosts numerous eclectic events every year, including (but not limited to) the infamous Center Fest (every 2nd Saturday weekend in August), the related Miss Center Fest Pageant, Danny Days, Dale Watson Day, and THE Robinson Truck Pull, aka, the Grandaddy of All Truck Pulls.

The event is tomorrow starting at 2 pm and ending at midnight. Now that's what I call a party!

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