Here is the idea and reasoning for infusing tea with session type beers. 

If you're into craft beer in Bismarck you probably would be into this subject. At some point about 4 years ago, brewery's across the country started experimenting with Tea in their beer mainly because of the smoothness it adds to a light pilsner or gose type of beer and the taste of the tea works well with certain hops that make it a great fit for the spring taste profile, very light and almost citrus but not really.

Spring is also a short time between winter and summer so the opportunity to be creative in smaller beer batches exist prior to the wave of highly successful summer beers that usually get rolled out in early April.

There is a question though if it is getting too saturated. Successful beers usually have a great number of copycats that follow the next year, maybe not in the plagiarized sense but other breweries trying to put their spin on Tea beers can over-saturate  the market and burn out the concept. There's a great article about where tea beers are today on beer rating site BeerAdvocate.

Tea-infused beers that I like  include:

Bronx Spring Tea, Stone Japanese tea IPA, Dogfish head Sah-tea, and a good Hefeweizen ( German Wheat beer ) is Beaver Chamomile Wheat.  If Williquors doesn't have the beers you can request and they'll order them. 


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