Have you ever been to the movies, halfway through you start looking around the theatre to see if anyone else feels the same way you do? Part of you wants to walk-out immediately, however, a big part is glued to your seat, to see just how bad the picture will get. Heck you paid the price of admission, you're too chicken to ask for your money back, but good grief this move sucks. Then there are actually some people who find the hell you are sitting through entertaining. The real blame is on you, for even going through the motion to drive over to the theater, plopping down your hard-earned cash, and walking in to see TROLL 2. The only TROLL I ever knew was my idiotic 6th- grade biology teacher.

How do you classify a film as awful? Simple, when the strippers pole in the movie SHOWGIRLS has more personality than the lead actress. Poor old Nicholas Cage - who actually won an oscar in 1996 - Best Actor in LEAVING LAS VEGAS -  is like a human dartboard for all the criticism he receives on such spectacular movie gems like THE WICKER MAN. I'm pretty sure all the acting lessons he received in his younger years did not require him to wear a cage around his head, filled with bees. I'm still not sure who suffered more, the bees, Nic, or the movie audience.

One last thing, IF you have watched all 13 movies with that idiotic Jason - from the stupid  FRIDAY THE 13TH movies - PLEASE get a hobby - QUICK. For more on this list click here                     .

The Top 10 Crappiest Movies Ever Made.

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