This is a list that will definitely cause arguments in your own social scene. Think about what motivates you, everyone has their own things that get them going, with me it's sports. The classic underdog that defies logic and all the odds and goes out to compete on sheer guts, determination, and desire. A humble unassuming giant that knows what he wants and strives to go out and get it. Inspirational movies are those you can watch over and over again, with each scene we play it out as if we are the actor or actress. Movies that bring HOPE, and show us all that it's ok to just be ourselves, no matter what. I'm sure you are quite aware, that most of our favorite inspirational movies usually cause us to shed a tear because we can all relate to the heart and soul of the films that bring us our very own dreams. For more on this click here.

Top 10 Inspirational Movies Of All Time

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