A suspect has been detained for numerous acts of vandalism over the course of four months in the downtown Bismarck district. This person had sprayed the word "CRAN" on buildings and just recently added his "artwork" to the Big Boy statue's knuckles and on the menu board at the restaurant on 2511 East Main Ave which immediately prompted the owner to put out a thousand dollar reward for the arrest and conviction. The suspect is 33 years old Richard Hudson. KFYR reports that police received anonymous tips and through their investigation, the word "CRAN" was linked to Hudson. No word yet if anyone will receive the "bounty" money that Big Boy's owner put up. The vandalism also was displayed on the Burlington Northern railroad bridge.

Some people may say, "well what's the big deal? It's just a name, it's not like this person completely destroyed anything" - The damages done by the suspect is estimated to be around $18,000. What really has set off some Bismarck residents is why this person would do that? The lack of respect shown from the suspect is quite obvious, plus nowadays you have to be pretty dense to think you can spread your lame graffiti around when there are cameras everywhere, not to mention when "CRAN" is found on Facebook in the past, your days are pretty much numbered. Richard is charged with criminal mischief and criminal trespass. The mystery of the "CRAN" graffiti punk is somewhat solved, which leads me to think one thing - when this guy's trial is underway, will Big Boy himself take the stand?


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