Here is something we can all relate to -our driver's license. To be more specific, our driver's license photo. I have no idea if what I'm going to say next is accurate or not - BUT I'll bet you a dollar that 99.9 % of all human beings HATE their picture.

I STILL have nightmares over this picture

The scene was Minot, North Dakota - about 6 years ago. I had moved from San Diego, California to Fargo, North Dakota - after spending time there for about a year, I took a job in Minot. I needed to get myself a North Dakota driver's license, which sadly meant a brand new picture to go along with it.

There are no mulligans in Minot (or any place you get your driver's license)

A mulligan is "A second chance) - like in golf when you hit your tee shot out of bounds. When my name was called at the NDDOT on that fateful day, the woman behind the counter about 10 feet away basically threw me my horrendous brand new driver's license. She knew when I saw it my screams would be heard in Jamestown. I tried to ask for a second picture, explained that I obviously had an extremely bad case of "Hat Hair" - but my pleas went unheard.

I am convinced that somewhere on the internet my picture is laughed at

Yes, I am quite certain that somewhere on the internet is a site where all the awful driver's license pictures show up. I am also convinced that I have the worst driver's license picture in the whole state of North Dakota - and this poll will prove it. Now it's your turn to cast the obvious....

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