I'll bet you have seen this a trillion times - when the weather turns EXTRA Hot, there is always a local TV news station that will send a field reporter out to the streets to perform the old ancient "Cooking an egg on the cement" - Every 12 minutes "Let's check with Johnny "ON-THE-SPOT" and see how that egg is doing" - I see you nodding your head.

Want to see what really happens when the heat kicks in?

So now let's bring you a dose of reality, check out these two pictures taken from the North Dakota Department Of Transportation just this afternoon -



According to the NDDOT crews are out patching a pavement buckle just east of Steele near Dawson on I-94 in the eastbound lane. Traffic will be down to one lane until the end of the day. 

Also reported here in town - The Bismarck District has had three large buckles in the last two days and temps across North Dakota will remain high for the next several days. Please remain aware and report road buckling to 911.

I close with this, I have an enormous amount of respect for all the workers, the men, and women who get out there on the roads in any kind of weather condition, to make sure we are kept as safe as possible. From the blazing hot days to the bitter winter cold, we are lucky to have such dedication to our city. So with that, is anyone up for an omelet?


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