Ever wonder what North Dakota native Josh Duhamel was like as a kid growing up?

Well, that is basically what he is trying to offer to YOU as a viewer. Most North Dakotans are well aware of this 50-year-old baby-faced Minot movie star native. Some have been lucky enough to be out and about even here in BisMan, and have run into him at a bar around town. The real charm about Josh is how approachable he is  - he has made it crystal clear that he enjoys the outdoors, and North Dakota sporting events, and now the whole country can take a look ... "The glory days of his youth"

His new reality TV show 'Buddy Games' kicked off September 14th - On CBS

This is a perfect way for Josh to rekindle childhood memories with a new reality TV show - 'Buddy Games'. According to inforum.com "Duhamel and his longtime friend, Bob Schwartz, helped create the new show and recently took to the Minnesota State Fair to promote the program. The show features six teams, each consisting of four longtime friends. Those bonds may get stretched thin as the groups compete against each other in what CBS describes as “an assortment of absurd physical and mental challenges.”

"This is my baby"

Josh is already bursting with pride talking about the upcoming show which is different than the 2019 "Buddy Games" movie he was in. "Remember the glory days of your youth? Ever wanted to reunite with your best friends and recapture the YOU you used to be?" Josh had that to say and more in this trailer:

Maybe after a couple of these episodes, you may find yourself compelled to get a hold of all your childhood friends --OR NOT. It's worth a watch, and catch a glimpse of what Josh Duhamel was like growing up in Minot, North Dakota.

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