You will be surprised by the range of opportunities that are out there for you to grab

It's almost impossible to know every place in town that has come up for sale, I mean we all hear of some of the popular businesses that had to shut their doors down in the last year or two, but do we really pay attention for when the building is up for sale?

Who knows? A Possible potential gold mine for you in the near future?

You never happens, and WHY couldn't it happen to you? Some successful owners can chalk it up to good timing and by not shying away, taking a risk. Here are a few places that you may know or recognize.

How would you like to buy your own apartment complex?

For Just A Cool $1,750,000 You Could Buy This:

Miriam Apartments is a former Ramada Limited Suites Hotel that has recently been converted into a 65 Unit Extended Stay Studio Suite Apartment Complex. The Hotel was built in 1998 and sits on approximately 1.51 acres within the southwest quadrant of a major Interchange along Interstate 94 in Bismarck, North Dakota.


Remember The Wood House Restaurant?

Check it out, ONLY $295,000 - Maybe it's YOUR turn to attempt to make the World's Best Hamburger! -  Comes with:

    • Full Kitchen
    • Drive-thru with separate kitchen
    • Large seating area with additional over-flow seating
    • Garage for catering vehicle
    • High traffic location



Hey look, $4,500,000 could change your whole life

The Pier Bar & Grill

 The Pier Bar & Grill @ 1120 Riverwood Dr is one of the most popular Waterfront Bar & Restaurant locations in Bismarck/Mandan. Location is everything, and as the only Bar & Restaurant located right on the water in Southport Bay, this gem has the best location. This Bar & Restaurant is known for its hospitality, great food, fast service, and outdoor patio space.


In all your wildest dreams, have you EVER imagined OWNING your own shopping plaza??? How much would you pay? Do you have an extra $5,500,500 lying around?

Here are some stats on Arrowhead Plaza :

  • Building SF 51,419 sf / Lot 197,250 sf
  • 6.9% Cap Rate based on current 2020 NOI
  • 75% current occupancy
  • Diverse tenant mix with both local and national long-term tenants
  • Central Bismarck location
  • Located five blocks from downtown Bismarck and two blocks from State Capitol Complex
  • Anchored by new Family Dollar Store

So hey, in conclusion...THINK only live once!  For more information on all these properties click here

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