The first question that popped into my mind when I read the news was - "Why?"

First of all, I know who both the ex-football players are, most people do. The running back for the Minnesota Vikings for so many years stirred up a lot of unwanted publicity back in 2014 when he was charged with reckless or negligent injury to a child ( he wound up being suspended for the rest of that season ). Fairly recently he made the news again with reports of being arrested in February at the LAX airport - according to "The airport police received a call at 8:30 a.m. PT concerning possible domestic violence onboard an aircraft..."  Now Adrian is making headlines for flexing his muscles again, so to speak, and my only question is "Why?"

Taking up heavyweight boxing, and all set to hop into the ring

A fantastic way to burn off some energy and get his competitive juices flowing again by putting on some gloves, instead of wearing a helmet. Instead of running down the field eluding tackles he'll be dodging "right and left" hooks inside a 18 to 22 feet square ring. According to sources have told them "Adrian Peterson and Le'Veon Bell have signed contracts for a heavyweight boxing exhibition on July 30 at Arena in Los Angeles..." Bell of course is a former running back as well.

SO....who are you picking?

Peterson is 37 years old, and Le'Veon is just 30. I'm pretty sure these two fellas will find out that the sport of boxing is something not to take too lightly.


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