This happens from time to time after a scare. Here's the story: 

Legacy High School went through another Bomb scare today. The students of course were evacuated but of course it was a hoax. Don't understand why someone would do that, but hopefully there is some kind of investigation going on about it.

In this day an age everything has to be taken seriously even hoaxes by some kid that's trying to get out of a test or is trying to be cool to his click of friends. Of course that's speculation on my part,  but either way it's reckless and dumb.

The good thing though was the response time and the fact that all the kids were evacuated immediately. Hopefully the person responsible is apprehended and if it is a prankster, gets the daylights scared out of them by spending a night or two in a holding cell. In Today's climate these things are not funny... I'm just sayin' 

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