Here's a snapshot of an interesting conversation I had with some people around town today about the mindset of people in Bismarck -Mandan:

While I was getting my Turkey Pesto wrap today at the Bis-man Community Co-op, I had an interesting conversation with a number of patrons and staff members about what is politically correct here as opposed to other cities.

What I got out of the conversation was that this town is split, both Bismarck And Mandan are either more offended or less offended based on age. The older group I'm told 45+ is less offended by things they read or even if you're talking to someone with no social skills,  whereas younger than 45 and I hate to say it .. the M -Word are more offended by those same things.

I think it has to do with culture, maturity and experience personally. Culture is what you were raised on, maturity is your experience in social settings mixed with your age and personality, and experience is life experience you go through on a day to day basis.

Personally I believe the more experience you have at life will teach you that not everybody is out to offend people and spread hate even though those people exist though.  So I give the question to you :

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