I saw the headlines just a second ago on KXNET, and I tried to imagine the horror of coming home from work and finding my best friend GONE. I'm talking about my air conditioner. Let's see, yesterday was at 104 degrees, today another scorcher (almost 100), am I being overdramatic? Probably, but I don't care - BRING ON THE WINTER - NOW!

An air conditioner was stolen at a construction site in Bismarck

According to KXNET, "...  a construction site in Bismarck, an AC was stolen — from a Homes for Hope project build". So now after I read the whole story, I calmy cooled down quite a bit and pretty much figured out that nobody was coming home to a house that wasn't finished yet. At least no poor soul was going to be sweating buckets next to a cheap fan all night long.

The wonderful thing about social media

We have all come across the pros and cons of social media - a story gets put out there, either through Facebook or any other vehicle, and either people want to do what they can to help or not even blink an eye - that's up to us. KXNET reported that "Verity Homes was the lead contractor on the build, and when it was discovered the AC unit had been stolen, the information was put on its Facebook page"

"The company received an outpouring of support from the community" - KXNET

That doesn't surprise me one bit, I have found in the past that when someone or a group of people need help, Bismarck/Mandan always responds with open arms. Just another vintage act of "North Dakota Nice"



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