A Bismarck woman puts a smile on my face, and I find myself humming along to Mr.Rogers WORLD famous television theme song. KXNET reported on a simple neighbor here in Bismarck. Her name is Marlene Sapa - she resides right across the street from Grimsrud Elementary School - she's lived there for 34 years. You can just imagine how many kids she has come across in all that time. “Throughout those times I’ve always wondered who are they and what’s their story because you know lots of kids have needs that go on behind the scenes.”  Sapa considers all the children - past and present - like part of her family.

Just last week, she decided she wanted to show just how much she cares, so a phone call was made to - right across the street - to her neighbor - Hailey Haugen, the Principal of Grimsrud. “I received a phone call last week from a kind neighborhood lady and she just asked what she could do for the school.”  

When someone delivers from the heart, they usually have a way of affecting so many others. Haugen told Sapa that as a matter of fact, they were just starting to work on a snack drive for the kids and that they were going to reach out to the parents. Before you know it, Marlene donated her $600 stimulus check to right across the street. Her act of kindness will help over 250 students.

Haddie, one of the students made sure that the unselfish neighbor felt her gratitude “I’m writing a thank you card for Marlene because she’s giving us money so we can buy snacks for Grimsrud because some people forget or they run out.”   From one amazing act comes another - soon to be delivered to right across the street. 



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