How many times have we been glued to our television set watching some kind of horror movie, when a blood-curdling scream is belted out? Of course, most scary movies are pretty predictable, so when we see and hear the pretty much-expected yell, we just take it in stride in the comforts of our well-lit living room. Have you ever heard a REAL scream? A definite plea for help, usually off in the distance, but close enough to hear the panic pitch. I have been woken up before when some couple across the street is having an argument and a shriek, a violent yelp from a distraught female is heard. I listen for a bit to hear for anything else, but it usually has stopped by then. I slowly fall back to sleep still waiting for the police to show up.

In Fargo, early this morning a woman was heard screaming for help. Just after midnight, in a neighborhood of mobile homes, several creepy sounds happened. A car took off at a rapid speed ( this was the only visual report of a car with stolen plates accompanied by a male driver and pregnant female passenger ). As the vehicle sped away, a woman's scream for help was heard. Here is the creepy part, police showed up soon after, and went into the nearby woods searching for the woman in distress. K9 dogs were brought in, the fire department released a drone, flying over the heavily wooded area, not a soul was found. Police do have someone in mind that could be the driver of the vehicle seen screeching away. At this time, the mysterious scream has not been identified, and there are no clues of her safety. For more on this click here


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