According to KXNET there was another shooting - happened late last night. Bismarck police reported that around midnight several shots were fired at a residence in the 5600 block of Niagara Drive. This was not thought to be just some kind of random drive-by shooting, there were three people in the house, no injuries were reported. The scary thing is that police believe someone living there is believed to have been the target - they need your help if anyone saw anything or knows anything suspicious to please contact them at 701-223-1212, or text the keyword “BISPD” and the anonymous tip to 847411. 

Personally speaking, I feel safe living here in Bismarck. The stats are pretty reassuring, There were zero reported homicides in town last year. Still, though we had some incidents that were surprising, like that shooting in the Lowes parking lot back in December. A lazy Sunday afternoon shoplifting incident at Lowes produced a man firing a gun at the suspect in the parking lot as he tried to drive away. The shooter disappeared from the scene, but called the police the next day Kevin Bailly, 50, of Driscoll, was charged with felony reckless endangerment, Bailly called the police the following day to let them know that he was the person "who tried to stop the shoplifter, and in the process had his foot run over"  Fortunately no injuries were reported. Nobody should take the "Law into their own hands" and fire off a weapon, unless they are inside their own home, and are protecting themselves.

There were isolated reports of shootings here and there last year, we have our share of car thefts, home burglaries, and such, but I feel 100% safe living here, how about you?


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