Seems like these days there are a trillion ways that dirtbags try and scam us

We read about it, see it on the news, and unfortunately, sometimes we experience it first-hand. Punks trying to get our personal information any which way they can. Have you ever been hacked on your Facebook account? It's that easy and that scary. I think the one area that we seem to think of first when it comes to potentially getting ripped off, is our phone. The one thing we have been told a thousand times, our buddies the IRS will NEVER call you, so let that ease part of your worries.

Other ways your phone can burn you

Besides the one obvious way your phone can hurt you, some thieves have even gone the "sending out scam text messages" route, posing as someone else - once again their effort to get any valuable information out of you ( bank account number, routing number, etc ). Are you extra cautious? Do you not answer the phone if you don't recognize the incoming number? You are not alone.

The Burleigh County Sheriff’s making sure you know it's legit

Because of some people here in Bismarck who have received a text message from someone claiming to be a sheriff's deputy, there was cause for concern. Burleigh County Sheriff's want to make sure you know that it is NOT a scam. According to "Our civil deputies will, in fact, send text messages as we have found nowadays most people do not answer calls from numbers they do not know and/or voicemails are full or inoperable" They also added that there will be a "brief summary" of what actions you'll need to do on your part, and the message will also have the name of the deputy. So if you do receive one, I would respond to it, and not just hit delete.

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