Not far from Bismarck, out in Minot, a pioneer walks among the rest of the Boy Scouts of America - her name is Margaret Huettl. According to KXNET as recently as two years ago, BSA altered their name to Scouts BSA, welcoming the acceptance of girls into the two-plus-million youth members (between the ages of 11 and 18). Margaret became a member of Troop 5401 in the Northern Lights Council two years ago. This consists of troops in North Dakota and Minnesota. What she has done in the last couple of years is unmatched by any girl that's worn a scout's uniform in North Dakota. She took everything thrown her way, gaining experience and confidence, climbing the ladder so to speak - “Scout rank, tenderfoot, second class, first-class, star scout, life scout" said Huettl.

Her most recent achievement - earning the badge of Eagle Scout. This is the highest rank you can reach in scouting. This isn't something that is just handed to you, it's extremely hard for either boy or girl to achieve. An example of hard work, dedication, and discipline. She is the FIRST girl in North Dakota and in the Northern Lights Council to ever achieve this honor, and it places her among more than a dozen other females all across the country who have earned their Eagle Scout Badge - a very elite group.

Margaret is a remarkable young lady and a perfect role model for others (girls AND boys) to look up to. “I hope that I inspire other girls to do the same thing because scouting is just one of the most incredible things ever and I’m very thankful for it,”  You already have.


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