Look I know we are just barely into the month of October, but I am NOT looking forward to November 5th

I can also tell you this, I'm not alone in how I feel about this dreaded day - yes, I guess you would call it a tradition, I say it's dumb, and something should have been done to change this years ago. So my theory is if WE can ALL agree 100% to say "NO MORE" On November 5th, this whole misery will be put to rest, for good. So what exactly is happening on November 5th that has my "feathers unruffled" ( upset )? Oh, just our whole lifestyle that's all.

"Aren't you being a little over dramatic?"

No...not at all. You see on November 5th of this year Daylight Savings Time ENDS. If you get confused about what to do with your clocks at home ( most of them automatically change these days ) - "FALL back, SPRING forward" is the rule of thumb. Sunrise and sunset will be about 1 hour earlier on Nov 5, 2023, than the day before. The only advantage is we will gain an hour...of sleep. Soon though that novelty disappears and the darkness falls early. Driving home from work in the DARK. Winter is about ready to greet us, and the damn sunshine will be vacant for who knows how long.

"Why can't we be like Arizona and Hawaii?"

These two States observe permanent standard time - the bottom line is THEY NEVER CHANGE THEIR CLOCKS. Why can't we? Well according to king5.com "The most recent attempt to pass a permanent DST bill in North Dakota was killed in 2021 when the legislature voted it down"


Hey...Thanks for nothing.


So I say WE ALL Band together and blow off the whole "Changing the clocks" thing - Say "NO MORE"....Are you with me?

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