Announced this week ... Lewis Black: The Jokes on Us tour is rolling into the Bell Mehus auditorium in September.

If you're not familiar with this comic, here's a little background. He's an elite writer and a former Playwrite that worked on the development of 1,000 plays including ones from West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin at the West Bank Cafe's Downstairs Theatre bar.

He got noticed nationally for his three-minute rants on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah. That segment is currently the longest running and most popular segment for both hosts.

He's constantly on TV and Touring, as well as writing 3 novels that spent weeks on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

His type of comedy is about the absurdities of life and how things get under his skin.

Everything is on the table, life, politics, relationships and of course hypocrisy.

Definitely, a show to see: To get tickets, Click the link below.

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