The old saying "Man's Best Friend" rings true in so many ways. The bonding between men AND women, and their four-legged canine is something we cherish. Taking long walks, alone with our thoughts, armed with a leash attached to our faithful companion. Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

Well what happens when a trained police dog hunts down your illegal drug stash? A nice stroll through the neighborhood can someday land you in jail. This is the case just recently in.The Fargo Police Narcotics Bureau received information regarding individuals selling marijuana and MDMA from an address (1800 Block 39 St S) in south Fargo.

Thanks to the info, police brought with them their "Best Friend", and conducted a search of a garage suspected to have drugs on-site. Their hunt expanded to an apartment where drugs was found. A suspect was arrested, and K9 Kilo was given a pat on the head, clearly another case of a "Man's Best Friend", and a "Druggie's Worst Enemy". For more on this story click here.







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