Are you over the shock of gasoline prices?

I know, dumb question. I seriously have made an attempt of NOT eye-balling the signs at gas stations around Bismarck/Mandan. Simply for the painful reason that I have surrendered to the notion that "a miracle any time soon" will not lower the prices below two bucks a gallon. I remember those days like it was yesterday. I recently posted a question through social media about much it costs for people to fill up their tanks, and the answers were staggering. The obvious nowadays is to really plan on cutting back on any extra time spent driving, instead of taking a road trip out of town, you now have to see if your budget will allow it. We are all going through it, heck even gas station owners.

I never gave much thought if gas station owners cared

Well, there is one in Minnesota that does. According to "Chuck Graff, the owner told the outlet he wanted customers to know they were not the only ones feeling the "pain at the pump" as the national average gas price recently topped $5 per gallon for the first time" There is even a sign posted outside his business telling everyone "We hate our gas prices too" reported. Chuck is definitely trying to make everyone aware that he can relate.

Back on June 4th President Joe Biden didn't win over any critics

Once again it's one of those "Only time will tell" deals

My mom used to tell me "Try not and worry about things you can't control"  - pretty good advice wouldn't you say?

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