Interesting isn't it? With what makes some people raise an eyebrow while others barely bat an eye.

This story certainly falls into that category. How do nursing mothers make you feel? The only reason why I posed that last question was because certain people get into that uncomfortable mode when they hear those two words - nursing mothers. How about when it comes into the workplace?

Just this past year Minnesota became only the 3rd State to do this

Things have changed quite a bit since the last ten or twenty years, heck even in the last 12 months. More laws are invented to protect a wider range of people, like gender and racial issues, and nursing mothers. According to "The state Legislature this year approved paid break time for nursing mothers in a move that got bipartisan support and that experts call the “next frontier” for gender equity in the workplace" Minnesota is only the 3rd State in the country that has informed employers that you can't penalize your employees financially (by not paying them), by that I mean the mothers that are on the job site wanting to feed their baby.

This of course is another of those situations where no doubt people will voice their opinion for or against it

One of the main forces that backed up this new requirement is GOP Sen. Julia Coleman and DFL Rep. Erin Koegel. These two worked together to make it happen. What do you think? Should mothers who bring in their baby trying to make a living be given paid work breaks to breastfeed their child?

T think this is the best argument ending response right here

When asked about what message mothers feeding their baby at work brings to the public, minnesota.cbslocal reported that Coleman said it best “It says breastfeeding is a part of working moms’ lives. Deal with it,”

Mic drop.


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