Last night you may have heard a faint roar off in the distance... wasn't from a high school here in town, or a Bobcats game - it definitely didn't come from where the Larks play ( Bismarck Municipal Ballpark ) - reports are that the faint rumble was coming from the North. Well afriend of mine late last night put to rest the mystery.

I have watched this video now about a hundred times

My co-worker and friend Scott McGowan called me last night to tell me about an " amazing kid with a basketball, and you just HAVE to see this video!" - I fell asleep not much longer, "I can wait until tomorrow" - I was pretty sure the video wasn't going to be half the excitement Scott built it up to be. Man was I wrong.

Here are the basics, make 4 shots in a row and you'll WIN Ten Grand

How many times have you seen this scenario at a live basketball game? It seems easier than it is - all season long, at-home games in January and for February, a bounty if you will was offered up from Northern Bottling of Minot sponsored the event. This was at Bishop Ryan Catholic school in Minot. Last night 7th grader JJ Franks was chosen. The rules are very simple - you have 25 seconds to make 4 shots successful - start with a lay-up, then from the free throw line, the next one would be at the top of the key, and then run like the wind to half-court - where your final attempt is 47 feet away - Easy Peasy right? Should anyone be successful, they will take home $10,000! Hold your breath and watch this amazing video, thanks to  ( no doubt I will watch this another one hundred times )

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