The question is whether or not to rezone on 16th street just north of Tesoro. 

Solevo North Dakota is a dispensary that is looking to move into that location if it is rezoned. There is a great deal of community-related questions if that happens. You can look at the possibility of property value declining or crime increasing. Then again if you look at other cities you can almost say the opposite.  Here's what the Dispensary has to say:

"We are a compassion care facility. We will hopefully have an on staff doctor, an on staff pharmacist. We will be a secure location, it's not like people will just be allowed to come cruising in. You will have to have a medial card to get a prescription,” said George Withus, a Solevo Board of Directors member.


The planning commission has strict guidelines as to where the zoning goes and the process would begin. They would open the meeting to those in favor of the Dispensary.

After that has been tabulated, there would be a call for those against the Dispensary. The motion then goes before the commission where for and against arguments are heard.

If the motion is denied, it goes to the city council to be reheard.

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