To Serve And Protect

In my opinion, those are three of the most powerful words you will see and hear - Serve AND Protect  - my first thoughts immediately are men and women who put their lives on the line every time they put on their uniform. When the unknown is always present,  enormous pressure can reach the highest level - the courage to continue motivated to Serve AND Protect. Here is a fact - most of us have no idea what it must feel like day after day to perform such an intense job. Yesterday the Minot Police Department released some tragic emotional news about an army veteran, and a fellow officer since 2017.

"Many days can be difficult for our officers and members of the Minot Police Department. This is one of those days..."

Here is what they posted on their Facebook page yesterday:

"On 12.28.22 around 10:45 PM, our department requested the assistance of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office in locating one of our off-duty officers for a welfare check.
Around 11:30 PM, McHenry County deputies located 37 yr old Master Officer Patrick Blanchard in his vehicle near Towner, ND. They attempted life-saving measures however, he was eventually pronounced deceased from what appeared to be a self-inflicted wound.
Officer Blanchard, who was also an Army veteran, joined the Minot Police Department in July 2017 and is survived by his two children.
Many days can be difficult for our officers and members of the Minot Police Department. This is one of those days. We ask for thoughts for Officer Blanchard’s family and many friends"
     The comments from shocked, extremely sad Minot residents painted a clear picture of who this man was - expressions of love have not stopped pouring out from those that had come across officer Blanchard out in the field, once again while he was Serving AND Protecting his community. A loss of life by suicide is so troubling - it leaves behind questions that will never be answered and damages so many people who are left wondering if there was anything they could have done to keep that person alive. Please know there is help available, 24/7 -  NORTH DAKOTA Suicide & Crisis Hotlines 

My heart aches for the Minot Police Department and for those that knew Patrick Blanchard

I hope one day soon that the pain will be replaced by overwhelming memories of a man who cared for others.


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