First of all, a HUGE shout-out goes to the folks with the North Dakota Department of Transportation. They do a wonderful job keeping us safe during the winter, and actually for the full calendar year for that matter. When I first moved to North Dakota in 2014, I was blown away by just how quick a blizzard can come in and make everything a mess. The side roads and highways we all take for granted and are so dependent on, are just a disaster. I used to think of the magnitude it took to bring everything back to semi-normal conditions, and now after living through the conditions, I'm even more grateful for their quick work. Now North Dakota DOT has made some changes to make travel even safer. KFYRTV reports that The North Dakota Department of Transportation added blue flashing lights to more than 350 trucks around the state. Brad Darr, State maintenance engineer for the Department of transportation, had this to say “We had a test project the first couple of years. So we did have some out there with blue lights prior to this. The law allows us (Department of Transportation) to use what lights we deem necessary for safety,” 

Darr makes perfect sense when he said that the added blue lights will urge motorists to slow down ( many will liken it to law enforcement ). Three hundred fifty-five snow plows, 32 tow plows and approximately 14 other multi-use plows will be equipped with the new lights for the upcoming winter season.

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