If you ever wondered the favorite Jelly Bean flavor of North Dakota, this blog has the answer and the psychology around it.

As you're sitting at home Wondering  how long is it gonna take to dig out of that 8 foot snow drift in front of your house, try to put it off for a little and join me in a very interesting discussion about the importance of jellybeans in Life and The favorite flavor of All North Dakotans.

According to The Candy store.com, Americans gobble up more than 16 billion jelly beans on Easter Sunday. Man, that's a lot!  Kid's really enjoy them, but research has shown that adults also consume a good amount due to stress as well (falling in the comfort food category).

The website actually broke the flavors of jelly beans down to states. With the number 2 flavor in the entire country being North Dakota's flavor of choice  Black Licorice. If you  want to see the entire list here's the link to TheCandyStore.com.

So why Black licorice? Is it because it's a common flavor? Or does the cold weather have something to do with it ? Me thinks the latter.

When I would go snowboarding, I always had a flask of schnapps with me and for some reason it worked with the cold weather ... The flavors did. It could also be because North Dakotans are very loyal and Black Licorice was one of the first flavors that ever came out in a jellybean.  Whereas North Dakotans like Authenticity.. Hmm that sounds about right!

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