Talk about making an exit!

St Marys central high school graduates made their last walk on the floors of their gym. Yeah I know, they're GRADUATES, of course, it's their last time. Well, not really. The Highschool relocates into a new state of the art building next year so that's why it is so symbolic for them. 76 Grads closed out the school on Sunday.

According to Gerald Vetter, President:

 It's bittersweet but a blessing.

"We are just excited for this group of graduates to go out and represent their families and their school St. Mary's Central High School in a way that is significant," said Vetter.

The new building, located on highway 83 and Washington street while the old one will house 6th 7th and 8th graders for St Marty's academy.

Now when this class gets to come back for their reunions they can always say they were with the old regime in the old building. It makes them look cool.



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