Catchy name, not great service though. 

The Fargo Contractor has been barred from doing business in North Dakota for at least five years. The reason is  fraud. The company would take large advances on jobs and then never finish them. The State Attorney General received numerous complaints from homeowners about the issues with this contractor and it got to the point that action needed to be taken. According to Newsbreak

The Cass County District Court found that Rosene had engaged in consumer fraud, abandoned projects, diverted funds, and failed to disclose financial difficulties when he knew or should have known that he would be unable to complete the projects. The court approved a settlement agreement between Rosene and the Attorney General’s Office, and entered a judgment yesterday, ordering Rosene to pay restitution of $121,958.16 to the various homeowners whose projects Rosene had not started or completed.

“Contractors who take advance payments and then do not complete the work will be held accountable for their actions,” said Stenehjem. “These unfortunate homeowners trusted Mr. Rosene with their hard-earned dollars. He violated that trust and the law.

It's good that the Attorney General Stepped in.


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