We are quickly approaching Christmas and as usual, the parking lots of stores are getting big-time activity - even through the COVID-19 state we are in, people want to be out and about. taking in the holiday season. The last thing you would expect to happen on a sleepy Sunday afternoon is gunshots. The Bismarck Tribune reported Bismarck police were called after reports of gunshots fired at the Lowes parking lot. I've never been outside a shooting range and have heard what that sounds like - first of all, you're definitely not on guard for anything like that to occur, especially out on a parking lot filled with people coming and going. The scary thing would be, exactly WHERE is it coming from? Here are some of the details police are still working on - Officer Lynn Wanner said that a man leaving the store around 2:15 pm, refused to show any form of receipt, and got into another vehicle.

The unidentified individual started to drive away when another person took a gun out and fired shots at the suspect's tires. At this time, no one has confirmed if the tires were actually hit, or how many shots were fired. There is no information on what the stolen merchandise was, the thief somehow got away, and the even scarier part is, nobody knows who and where the shooter is. Police are obviously telling the public to please not take matters into their own hands. Firing shots in such a situation is something the department "would absolutely not advise," Wanner said. "We would ask citizens to be a good witness and not take enforcement action," she said.

That's as much information as the police have revealed. Monday 2:57 pm.






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