If you're wondering why read below. 

Last night was Extreme bull riding at the Bismarck Event Center and Tristan rode Bailey Rodeo's Secret Agent to an 89 and a victory. It was the end of the rodeo and he was the last guy to get on the bull. Before he hopped on, it was Casey Heininger from South Dakota who was leading with an 87.5 score riding Chills and Thrills.

According to the Bismarck Tribune:

The score stood until the tail end of the show when Texan Tristan Mize delivered the winning ride. Mize rode Bailey Rodeo’s Secret Agent to an 89 and the victory.

Between Heininger and Mize only 10 of 34 riders were able to stay on for the elusive eight seconds.

$3950 is what Tristan took home after last night's win. Not a bad pay for 8 seconds of work. To be fair though it's the most dangerous 8 seconds of anyone's life so you would probably say they were underpaid.

Prca Rodeo continues tonight and tomorrow at the Bismarck Event Center. 

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