The Scheels Kayaking demo happened this past Friday and here are the highlights. 

There were about 16 boats and paddleboards available to try on the beautiful Harmon Lake on Friday. The wind was stable and if there ever was a day to figure out which type of Kayak fits you this was it. There were Confluence kayaks of all sizes as well as a number of unique Hobie kayaks and paddle boards.

I took out the Hobie outback fishing Kayak and it was unlike any experience I have ever had to deal with.  Paddling with your feet and maintaining a stable center of gravity was very key in this one. Usually, if you are out on one of these for the first time, your balance is off and you wind up capsizing pretty quickly. Not with one of these beauties. You can also fish with them because a fishing hole is built right into the Kayak.

I also tried the Hobie stand up paddleboard that has paddle gears and handlebars. It's a little different from most paddleboards due to the extra support that is available. For a first-timer like myself, I felt it was useful to maintain balance but I can see it getting old after three or four times.  It was a very relaxing experience paddling around on it though.

There were a ton of Confluence Kayaks in the water as well and the cool thing about these demos is that there were instructors everywhere teaching you how to sit and operate the vessel.

I learned a lot about Kayaks today and as you can see by the pictures, had a little fun as well.


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