The Vikings Stink, But Is There Hope?   Well, for the most part, you are going to have to wait until the NFL Draft to find out.  I hate to admit it, but with the Vikings totally stinking up the place and the Broncos (my wife's favorite football team and and by default, my favorite AFC team) looking pathetic as well, I am finding that my interest in football just isn't at the level that it has been in the least on the professional level.

With that being said, we can always look for silver linings when it comes to our favorite sports and teams.  Question for you:  Is it too late for the Vikings to continue tanking and be in the Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields lottery?  Sorry, I digress, but it's likely that the Vikings will start out this year at 0-7 and actually put them in the quarterback lottery.  Most likely, Minnesota will screw it up and eek out just enough wins by the end of the season to miss on Lawrence, who is considered the #1 pick and the closest to a sure thing superstar prospect since Andrew Luck and Fields who is considered 1A.

If you're a Viking fan, don't despair.  The rumor mill has been working over time and there is a name that keeps popping up in the Minnesota draft room at quarterback and it's a name that's close to home.  With the success of highly mobile quarterbacks, North Dakota State's Trevor Lawrence will likely be a hot prospect when the NFL Draft rolls around.  As a Viking fan, I could work with that rookie contract and cheer for a former "Fighting" Bison who has nothing but upside.

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