I guess she wasn't happy with the verdict...

A woman was arrested early this morning after trying to start a fire in the Burleigh County courthouse.  In this odd sequence of events, the 31-year-old apparently broke through a window and was in the process of lighting pamphlets on fire when she was apprehended.

Luckily the timing was right and the suspect did not cause any real damage to the courthouse. The question though is why do it? Was she off her meds? Is there some inner governmental conspiracy she was trying to cover up? Should I stop binge-watching spy thrillers?

Anyway, all is good and no one was hurt in the process. There was no damage, and that is a testament to the professionalism of law enforcement getting the job done. I'm sure the real reason she tried this stunt will come out in time  ( and a lot of interrogation)


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