There is a company here in town that strives like all of us to be more successful in what we do for a living, businesses that grow and continue to gain more knowledge and better provide what they do best, and to be financially fit. That is how our country has been for a long time. One local company is doing its part to grow as well, Sparling Construction -  with 40 years of experience, a dream they have had for the past 12 years is happening now - GoUniversal is a wonderful idea that appeared in what's called a "Soft Launch" just last year - meaning no advertising, just working on doing what they do best, taking care of people. A common saying you will hear from them is "They help people live safer and longer at home". KFYR just recently reported that one of the examples of how GoUniversal works is a gentleman by the name of  Brad Furman. 

The year was 2018, Furman was living and working in South Dakota with his wife Tara when he was involved in an accident on his construction site - putting in a mainline sewer, he was buried 16 feet under when he legs became wrapped around a pipe, which resulted in him becoming paralyzed for life. He and Tara moved to Bismarck and they had a house built to accommodate his wheelchair. This is when Brad and Sparling Construction fit the puzzle - when asked about GoUniversal, the owner Todd Freitag explained it this way “GoUniversal has a special place in my heart, giving people hope and helping them when they don’t know what options they have,”  Brad, now a customer with GoUniversal has added threshold ramps and a lift to his home. with again the main goal to make him more comfortable and safer.

Todd has high hopes his helpful service will continue to expand with the sole purpose of helping others. GoUniversal also works with seniors financially to help them STAY at home and age at home, rather than the enormous cost of living in a senior living home. For more on this story click here.



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