Let me ask you a quick question - "What's the fastest time you ever ran a mile?"

Remember the days back in school when you ran around a dirt track? Most of us hated it, for one simple reason, running HURTS, especially when mentally you are going 'round and round' on a track for 4 laps. Imagine running a race on an indoor track for 15 laps. We have an American record holder right here Bismarck, and she is a demon on the boards ( track ) - April Lund just 41 years young.

2024 USATF Masters Indoor Championships on March 21st-24th 2024 Chicago, Illinois, United States

The stage was set for a grueling race of 3,000 meters. To be exact that is just shy of 2 miles. When April Lund stepped on the indoor track, A new American Indoor record was about to be hers. Here is part of the drama she wrote yesterday on Facebook:

 "What a mighty God we serve! A NEW AMERICAN RECORD!! My prayer before was just that every step would glorify God! Every single step today was for all the people I Coach & believe in. I am truly proof that all things are possible. Today the plan was just to enjoy myself & stay injury-free, just dip under 10. I knew going in to win I would have to break my record. I guess my mind had decided to stick to the original plan! I started at the top of the track, which scared me! When the gun went off...so did I! I honed in on my goal pace& just made every step look like the one before it. I'm not sure what the last 4laps were but I knew at a mile I was still really fresh and felt fine, and the end result was a new record! I would be lying if I didn't already manifest that when I came through the 800 at 2:36(which is exactly what I practiced last Wednesday)...or everyday since I knew my competition would require a 945 or better to bring home the Gold! On another note, I jumped with joy & did a little dance when they announced it was official.."

Big Time Congrats to our very own April Lund! 


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