When a team decides not to go to the White House for their Superbowl celebration.  The press has a field day. At least for one day though Carson Provided the distraction. 

It was great to see Carson Wentz out there throwing in drills and putting some nice spin on the ball as well. So much so, that it actually distracted the hungry media looking to get more Anti-Trump headlines and looking to make this slight something that hangs over the team for most of the year.

Sadly the media does that.  Yesterday though according to Bleacherreport that wasn't the case. The story was how fast Carson Wentz has recovered from the torn ACL and how good he looked out there.

Granted its only drills right now and he's wearing a brace but it was very comforting the way he was throwing and it will be very interesting to see how he performs once training camp comes around.

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