Look I get it, some days are slow, not a whole lot of new stories to report on. Maybe last night's football game was a one-sided blowout with no drama whatsoever. You come to work knowing you have to fill like a half-hour or hour on the air - so what do you do? Well if your name is Colin Cowherd from Fox Sports you'll try and pick anything that NOBODY ELSE SEEMS TO CARE ABOUT and make it into what he thinks is an issue. You have to understand that this guy doesn't have much credibility in the inner circle of sports athletes and such - he is on the air to draw viewers who either hate him or barely put up with his nonsense - That's smart, he knows his role.

Now let's explore his latest rant - his target Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz. The Eagles have started out 0 and 2, but so are several other teams in the NFL, I mean it's not like they are 0 and 10. Colin has aimed his sights at Carson for really one prime reason - the way he wears his HAT, not his helmet. Wentz has been seen a billion times with his hat on backward, Cowherd picked at him hard with every dumb bone in his body, see his point is that by wearing his hat backward, for some wacky reason WHY, that proves that Carson is NOT a franchise player. In this article from Andy Nesbitt there is video proof of just how much of a moron this guy is. Lastly, if you want to try out your lame comedy schtick save it for "America's Got Morons".


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