The word that best describes this story is - Courage

There is a Minnesota high school sophomore that truly exemplifies courage, his name is Brennen Fetting, This is a young athlete that less than four months ago underwent open-heart surgery. That is pretty major for anybody at any age, let alone a 16-year-old who has shown no fear whatsoever. According to "Ada-Borup-West sophomore, Brennen Fetting underwent open-heart surgery on Sept. 30. Less than two months later, he was in the gym for the first day of basketball practice" Something like that would definitely lay me out for quite a while, but not Brennen.

A blessing that saved his life

When you are a three-sport athlete, and you are in your teens, it's pretty hard to sideline someone with so much drive and ambition. If it were not for a routine physical one month before his surgery, Fetting may not even have had a chance to play any sports again. reported that " His primary care physician heard a heart murmur and referred him to a cardiologist at Sanford Health in Fargo" That eventually led to the discovery of a tumor ( the size of a tennis ball ), and shortly after he wound up on the operating table.

 "Chomping at the bit"

As you can imagine, someone with all that ability would be fired up and ready to go once they are given the "green light" by the doctor. That was the case when Brennen hit the court for the first day of basketball practice. His head junior varsity boys basketball coach was amazed at his progress. You can slow down the legs of a champion but his heart and courage will prevail.


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