They got a brand new facility that is bigger and better than before.

The New Super warehouse is on Hwy 83 and 71st Avenue and it is Big. The original location was 5,000 square ft with the new location quadrupling it. 20,000 square feet of all the inventory you love as well as 20 new items memory is bringing into North Dakota for the season!

I spoke with Braun Knutson briefly about the expectation for the new location and what I got was extreme happiness.  Think about it, you're owning or working for a company that blows stuff up for fun ... Man, that's better than radio!

He didn't disclose the 20 new items but he did mention that we would be very surprised when they come in.

I remember going to their old location last year just to get a couple of roman candles and eventually going back there to drop 150 dollars on a variety of different items to shoot off in Mandan.  Luckily there new place isn't far from the old one.

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