Just how much more controversial a flag can be, and what it stands for, is what it boils down to it

The sad part about this whole story is, that the victim was simply trying to adapt with and lead by example - allowing a rainbow pride flag in the cafeteria in support of LGBT ( Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender ) students. A high school principal doing what she can to lead the whole school in accepting a human being for WHO they are. Her decision ( last year in November ) for the flag in the cafeteria eventually resulted in her getting removed.

A principal for over 16 years, a small "group" banded together to get the flag removed after she was fired

According to inforum.com "A complaint filed Tuesday, Nov. 30, in U.S. District Court claims Marshall Public Schools ousted middle school principal Mary Kay Thomas earlier this year after a heated disagreement in the community about a flag she displayed in a cafeteria in early 2020..." This principal had years of good performance records from the school. After the flag was put up in the cafeteria, the "group" I talked about earlier began to form. Religious people, some parents, and students, those that were anti-LGBT middle school staff started adding pressure to remove the flag.

To combat the negativity, Thomas began to pass out rainbow stickers at school

When the "group" began to make it clear that they wanted the flag removed, Thomas responded to the negativity by handing out rainbow stickers at school. Sadly the school buckled and the flag was no longer at the cafeteria back in August of this year. Mary Kay Thomas claims that she was "forced from her position" before the flag was taken down.

A suit was filed this week, tackling head-on claims that the ex-principal was  retaliated against

Inforum.com added that Thomas "...  claims school staff hostile to LGBT causes played a role in her removal..."

Colors of a rainbow, WHY does it bring such disdain and hate from others?

Sad isn't it? When the colors of a rainbow on a flag can stir such controversy.

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