As the "feared " storm gets closer, you're all stocked on food, and you're trying to figure out what to watch between your 8 episode binge sessions , here's an Idea .. the NFL Combine !

Yes the NFL combine is in full swing and it's always useful to be aware of some of the prospects pre draft for a number of reasons . 1 You're not lost on Draft day when your team picks them.  2 You have a leg up on your future fantasy team.  

Sometimes its pretty cool just to watch these guys go through the drills. The 40 Time, The RB drills,  the QB throwing drills.  Also its good to test your talent evaluation  skills like  outside of North Dakota who saw Carson Wentz coming as the elite Quarteback he became?? Here's his combine profile Carson Wentz Combine And Video  Carson Wentz Combine highlights.

Obviously you can't judge talent just by their measurables because other factors come in to play like their coach, the system and their mental makeup . It is fun to see where it all began though.

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