The sure signs that summer is dwindling away...

...of course the obvious ones, it's starting to get dark earlier, kids are back in school, AND pre-season football - yes sir - the Minnesota Vikings have hit the field with high hopes and anticipation of reaching the Super Bowl - but there is also something else going on that lately has grabbed the headlines away from the gridiron.

The traditions of football are many

From High School to College, and to the National Football League fans of the sport are drawn in by the energy and excitement of a fast-moving game - during the regular season, we are glued to our TV sets OR in person - in support of the purple and gold. Most people could care less during the pre-season for one reason only - win or lose THEY don't count. So why are the Vikings in the news lately? One word - Kiki

Cheerleading is a sport too

I'm sure you may have seen a cheerleader or two in your lifetime. Part of the whole National Football experience - the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders rose to fame years ago by all the hype they generated. Remember this though, cheerleading is a sport as well. You'll see schools competing for the National Championship every year. SO let's now talk about entertainment - and Minnesota Vikings cheerleader Kiki has turned up the heat recently - according to "A Minnesota Vikings cheerleader’s wild preseason photos caused a stir this week amid the squad’s preparation for the coming 2023-24 NFL season"

Check it out yourself...

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The Vikings' first regular season game kicks off on September 10th - at home against Tampa Bay

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